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MnKCloud Solutions

A better business is in sight, with Cloud Computing solutions for businesses

In today’s marketplace, technology changes in the blink of an eye, often requiring investments of time, resources and personnel to keep up with the competition. But what if there were a solution that could actually get you ahead of the IT game, instead of always taking one step forward and two steps back?

Now, there is – MnKCloud.

The Problem

When you rely on business IT that’s constantly creating downtime and unforeseen expenses, getting ahead of the competition can be difficult. Today’s business environment requires modern solutions for collaboration and mobility that can be time-consuming, expensive and a hassle to implement and maintain. Server costs are skyrocketing, as they require massive amounts of your office space, electricity and cooling expenses.

The Solution

With MnKCloud, you get one simple solution that will eliminate the need for in-house servers, reduce your IT costs and better safeguard your business. Your desktops, software and applications will always be running optimally, offering the speed, reliability and security you can depend on as your business grows and changes. Best of all, with  MnKCloud solution, your IT will never become obsolete, as you can upgrade, change and add services on the fly, based on your unique business needs.


With  MnKCloud, your business can:

 - Go green – eliminate the cost and energy of housing, powering and cooling in-house servers

 - Increase ROI – with technology that pays for itself faster, for a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house IT support

 - Improve communication – with user-friendly solutions for mobile, remote and global collaboration

 - Save money – never again pay for IT you don’t really want or need

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