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Managed IT Solutions


Stop worrying and keep working

MnK provides the essential preventative maintenance and remote remediation tasks required to keep a computer network up to date and running optimally.

With our Total Care Preventative Maintenance, you have choices:

- CNM - Comprehensive Network Management Basic – Management of AV, Malware, OS and Software Patches and Updates, Daily Preventative Maintenance on Servers and Workstations, Printers Management, Firewall/Router Management, Network Devices, Asset Reporting, Monthly Executive Reports and more. Includes reduced remote and on-site rates and priority service

- CNM+ - Comprehensive Network Management Plus – adds Unlimited Business Hours Remote Support to the Basic Level

- CNMx - Comprehensive Network Management Extreme – adds a predetermined number of On-Site hours per month to Plus Level

- Optional add-on services

- eMail Security - Predictive email security; block known and unknown threats. Stop ransomware, spam, and phishing attacks. Protect sensitive data with email encryption and data loss prevention

- SAAS Protection - Protect critical business programs with a reliable and secure SaaS backup and recovery solution that helps prevent malicious malware.  Provides Backup and Advanced Threat Protection for Microsoft 365 and Backup and Recovery for Google Workspace.

- EndPoint Data Protection - Backup data on workstations or the entire workstation to a secure data center with fast and easy file restore capabilities.

- PrePaid hourly support - Add a predetermined number of hours of on-site support to suit your needs giving you an easy way to budget for your IT expenses.



MnK Managed IT Solutions at Work

All items are completed on a regular schedule and include:

- Centrally Managed Business class antivirus software for every server, workstation and laptop.  We use Webroot Endpoint Protection

- Real-time updates and virus/spyware removal

- Full system scans for viruses and spyware done regularly.

- S.M.A.R.T Technology (Predict many types of hard disk failures)

- Update Operating System with current critical updates, service packs, and driver updates.

- Patch and update management for your business applications.

- Weekly cleaning of internet temporary files.

- Server & workstation performance tune ups completed weekly.

- Bandwidth, CPU, and memory utilization monitoring.

- Vulnerability assessment for your network performed monthly.

- Server specific items

- 24×7 monitoring and troubleshooting of servers:

- Operating System/Terminal Server

- Active Directory

- Microsoft Exchange

- Microsoft SQL Server

- Oracle Database Server

- Security Log Analysis and Management

- Standard Executive Summary Report automatically generated monthly

 -Other reports available on demand – including:

- Detailed Executive Summary Report

- Preventative Maintenance Report

- Network Vulnerability Assessment Report

- Asset Summary and Change Report


eMail Security

A managed email security service that blocks unwanted email outside the corporate network.


- See the Future – detect suspicious payloads containing threats, malware, and unwanted applications, as well as high-level threats embedded in documents, including ransomware

- Stop Ransomware - eMail Security uses behavioral analysis to stop never-before-seen ransomware and boot record attacks.

- Trust Your Inbox – using a multi-layered approach accurately and aggressively blocks phishing attacks, including Business Email Compromise. Our state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing detects targeted spear phishing emails by content and sender
authentication. Utilizing state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI models eMail Security is able to understand words in context rather than individually to extract notions like “urgency” and “asking for something”.

- Block Stealth Attacks – Protecting employees from malicious website links, our advanced URL protection is outsmarting attackers who slip phishing URLs past traditional gateways, delaying the upload of malware to websites until after the email is delivered. Our Time-of-Click checks website reputation before delivery and at the time you click – blocking stealthy, delayed attacks.

- Email Encryption - Secure sensitive data and make compliance easy. eMail Security push-based encryption automatically scans message bodies and attachments for sensitive data, allowing you to easily establish policies to block or encrypted messages with just a few clicks. Alternatively, give users the option to encrypt emails themselves with our O365 add-in.

- Comprehensive Reporting - eMail Security provides statistics reports within the Central console in the form of tables and graphs – and all with custom date ranges selectable.

MnK SAAS Protection

Microsoft 365 Backup and Advanced Threat Protection

Datto SaaS Protection+ is a comprehensive backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365 with integrated advanced threat protection. SaaS Protection+ is both SaaS Protection plus SaaS Defense, which scans Microsoft 365 for cyber threats and backs up 3x daily.

Google Workspace Backup and Recovery

Google Vault alone does not ensure your Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) data is recoverable. Quickly restore lost data from Gmail, Calendars, & Contacts, Drive and Shared Drives with Datto SaaS Protection.

MnK End PointData Protection

A a backup solution that gives you the flexibility to balance data retention against storage utilization, access against RTO, and peace of mind against cost. MnK gives you the flexibility to deploy data protection workflows to all your Windows and Mac endpoints.

- Protect Data from Ransomware - In the event of a successful ransomware attack, MnK Data Protection enables you to quickly restore files stored either locally or in the cloud so you can return to operations. Even if a local backup is deleted or corrupted, cloud-based archives are safe from malicious actors.

- Protect data wherever your employees are - Many backup solutions require an on-site appliance, forcing endpoints to be on the company network either physically or via VPN. MnK allows you to use local-only or hybrid backups from devices on-network and cloud-only backup for those off network, so all your endpoints are protected, wherever they are.

- Backup management made easy - We just set and assign backup plans to your endpoints, and MnK handles the rest. We have full visibility into your backups right in our dashboard. Quickly restore files and folders directly from the web console, enable end-users to restore their own files as needed, or use the image restore manage for bare metal restores.

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